What strain to use for 'sexual arousal and that pumped-up feeling'

OG Kush

Wedding Cake! Forget Viagra and Cialis. This stuff does the job. Nothing better for both pleasure and performance.

The unfortunately named Booger is great. So is Jilly Bean. A lot of the Star strains tend to get my husband revved up. Terpene wise, look for citrus, limonene. Citrus just makes me feel good all over.

I’m tryna take a RIP off yoshi’s bong

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You should try my Demon Sweat, Sour Cotton Candy, Love Portion #9 or my newest favorite which has an albino trait where every 7 or 8 th generation of clones, I get a complete white bud plant, and it’s soooooo good I cannot keep up with demand for the Yoshi Calmag Cowboy strain, I promise you it will win 2022 and be a runner up for at least 3 years, it’s that good and unbelievably ridiculous sticky.

I have pheno of Love Potion #9, Government 13 Bermuda & Demon Sweat! A few others but they are no way strong as these and can’t wait to flower in May and First of August for outdoors which will be interesting .

Holy Roller…! U just a rollin.

Bees are in the what now?

A albino plant? that’s crazy! How does that happen?
I was taught a plant is green because it absorbs all light except the green spectrum. Same reason a Blue Jay is blue.
Black is the absence of light so white means it absorbs all light?

I’m pretty high but that’s pretty cool!
I wanna try it!

Plants get just as much photosynthetic energy from green as they do blue and red. Albino and black plants are the colors they are for completely different reasons. I forget the chemical name, but is much more prevalent in plants bred to have it or plants that experience 50s at night. Since the same chemical is used as defense/anti freeze.

Color changes)in plants largely depend on climate. Cannabis plants grown in warm, Mediterranean climates tend to be bright green in color. Plants that are grown in cooler climates, however, begin to produce compounds that turn them [purple].

The compounds behind this phenomena are anthocyanins, which act as natural antifreeze for the herb. This antifreeze helps the plant retain water, which escapes the leaves as it forms ice crystals between leaf cells. The cooler the grow climate, the more anthocyanin you’re going to get."

Albino weed is a rare but not unheard of phenomenon. Here are a couple potential different causes, and why a little pigment in your buds can go a long way.
Like in humans, albinism in plants is a rare genetic anomaly. Albinism is a recessive genetic trait that makes plants weaker. Plants can show signs of albinism at the seedling stage.

The plant doesn’t have to be completely white to be considered albino. Some plants may only lose chlorophyll on certain leaves or plant parts, which may be triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Interestingly, some species of albino plants are able to survive on their own. The albino coast redwood tree, found in Northern California, for example, does not photosynthesize at all.

Rather, baffling botanists, the albino redwood has taken on a parasitic persona. The albino redwood taps into the roots of a parent tree, feeding off of its nutrients.

While the albino redwood can survive in this way, it is significantly smaller, less robust, and features different needle characteristics than it’s healthier relative. Research into other albino plants may shed some light onto the possible ways to help albino cannabis plants survive, if only out of curiosity.

The process of hybridization can also bring out albino traits in a strain. To hybridize a plant, breeders often backcross strains to bring out certain recessive traits. In some cases, it’s possible that hybridization may enable albino characteristics to express more often.

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Right! My greenhouse was 59 deg F this morning and I thrilled as the purple that was faint on my Granddaddy Purple yesterday, is more pronounced today. Fascinating about the albino redwood. Had no idea that even existed.

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My most successful guerilla grow back in the early 90s I had a plant turn purple after getting a lite, early frost.
The whole reason I got GDP from ILGM! LOL!
It was beautiful and the pistils were actually lavender and red. It was a stunning specimen!
And smoked like a dream!

Happy Growing Everyone!!

I just want to see a white bud! LOL!