What strain to use for 'sexual arousal and that pumped-up feeling'

Á question from a fellow grower:

What strain of marijuana would you say is good for sexual arousal and that pumped-up feeling?

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All of them should do that truthfully .


Whooohoooo, I’ll make sure to follow this thread!

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ME too cause that’s what i want lol


In my opinion claire O.G kush for sure (not that i have smokedit). I believe this because of the low CBD content meaning u get lessof a down and more of an up kinda high!

Berry White! :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::blush::couplekiss:

"Let’s get it on! "

Just sayin’…

what about adding Viagra to your watering can ??? just wondering…LOLOL


I wonder what it would do to the lovely women smokers?

You need a good bowl of some Cheese mixed with gorilla glue and some super silver haze , and an extender pro and a cock ring , and a good pain pill and and about 4 vitamin E pills to get the goo real thick and heavy , and dig her out until she explodes twice and than you splat the ceiling fan when you bust ?


I want some of what Yoshi’s smokin’ ? :sunglasses:


He told you what they were, just not the ratios.

Come on mix master! I love a good cocktail!

The best bowl ever Panoranman , did I spell that right , but oh yeah you talking bout a good high , man I love it and once you get back from Pluto , you talking bout some good drolling , pillow wet sleep , man one bowl twice a day and that’s it , nieces smoking with that bowl mix .

Lol @berry white

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Hahaha adding Biafra might give you hard buds

Wow and here I was thinking edibles. Adding hash oil to something yummy that I can warm up like honey and then drizzle it on both of us. From there who knows what might happen :smirk:.

I think I would use bubble gum strain.

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Oops Viagra

Well I see in lounge anything goes huh lol

Anything but growing. Not sure if that is just weed or any growing. I’m in a bit of trouble if it’s growing period.

so…was the question successfully answered?? I am old, fat, and tired…my ol’lady would appreciate me having this information, lmao

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This is a good thread. Any strain will do this?