What strain of sour deisel are you selling

I have 4 plants growing now but when looking for flower time, there seems to be various strains of SD.
Can you give me a heads up on the actual strain being sold by ILGM?
Also I know what to look for for harvest but, is there a certain time frame for outdoor flowerings?
thanks Gurus in advance…

Did you look at the “details” tab on the SourD’s page?

“Flowering period Long (68 days)”

Happy growing,


thanks. I must have missed it , so thanks for the info. I did not chart when they started to flower so with this in mind, I will just keep checking tri`s for what I am looking for, uppy or downy. I may have to compromise due to weather here in Midwest US.

But which sour diesel is it? Did you breed it yourself? If not, what seedbank is it from?