What strain is this!?!


Any ideas? My first guess was some kind of cbd strain.

I’ll take better photos and post them soon but for now these two are all I have.

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Ruderalis? Sorry I’m not good at identifying strains

Maybe. I’m not so good either haha.

I think you’re right, after some research I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of ruderalis.

If anyone can give me some tips for taking care of ruderalis (if that’s what it is) that’d be great.

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I have to say she looks to be an Indica Autoflowing plant. And it may even be Northern Light. Now i’m only going by the leafs. And it’s not official ok ?


IMG_1595 IMG_1594

I took these pics today. I’m starting to think it might be a white widow x ruderalis auto.

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