What Strain Im I Growing

I Bought the Auto Mix 2.0 and dropped 3 seeds 1 Jack Herer, 1 Bubblegum, and 1 OG Kush. My question is about the OG Kush the other 2 look normal. Im growing all 3 in the same Fox Farm Ocean Floor soil in 3 gal pots. All 3 received the same nutrient Fox Farm Big bud and Tiger Bloom. The OG Kush have Big Beautiful Purple buds. I have never seen anything like them. They don’t look like any of the pictures on this forum or on the internet. I emailed ILGM and they thought it was Bud Rot but it isn’t. Can anyone tell me what strain this is?


Can’t tell just from looking but maybe you should have a peek at @kaptain3d ‘s thread.
His purple haze pics look very similar.
He’ll see the tag and be by.
And welcome to our sandbox. :+1:

Welcome to the community @garyh54. @Covertgrower or @Hellraiser could help but honestly I think it’s almost impossible to pin point the exact strain but ur leaves can tell u indica or sativa dominant


As far as I know, nobody will be able to put a name with any certitude on a mysterious strain…
But my Cherry Noir grew like that … and so did @Deusoboy420’s…

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It looks tiny. Is it an autoflower, a clone, or did you flower it early? I’m fairly new to this after a long hiatus, and I’m just wondering.

edit: nevermind me, I’m obviously in the autoflower section

Yeah, no clue on strain, the purple looks wild though.


No clue but really pretty!

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Hold on a second. You said this is OG Kush. So why asking about a unknown strain when you already stated it was OG Kush? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Did I miss something? @Covertgrower and @Hellraiser


I believe I missed that lol sorry

I figure he thought it was a mislabeled seed or something. I’ve grown tons of non-auto OG Kush, never had one look like that.


It actually looks insanely similar to the devil cream strain that ilgm doesn’t sell


I bought OG Kush autoflower but it doesn’t look like any of the pictures I have seen of it. I’m not complaining their beautiful fat buds I just don’t thing it’s OG Kush. I know it’s hard to tell by the pictures just checking it see if anyone has got to same results.

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I have a devil cookie auto that I haven’t started yet the pics look almost the exact same, color and structure.

I have plenty of strains look exactly like this. This year will be the first to see if I can get any color changes since the house central air is down. So its going to get a tad cold in the grow room. :+1::+1::+1:

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It could be a bunch of different strains especially now with the amount out there. But one thing you and @Tenga might want to know. I AM THE GREATEST UN HUMAN BEING On THIS FORUM. Thanks

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Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous!

Update: I harvested the OG Kush? dried and cured for a couple of weeks. Excited to try it I rolled a big one. I was very disappointed in the smoke. I don’t think it has any THC in it cause after a second joint I felt nothing. The BubbleGum and Jack Herer came out great. I dropped 3 more seeds, I hope it was a fluck and the other seeds are actually OG Kush. Don’t really know what to do with 3.5 ounces of bunk weed.