What strain has very very low THC?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“My son has Schizophrenia and is on the John Hopkins Study for CBD through Realm of Caring in Colorado. He cannot have THC as it causes the schizophrenia to exacerbate. He needs under 5%. Right now a friend gave him a plant that is 24% CBD and .07% THC, they will have wispy buds that are not real productive. So, I was hoping there is a better plant he can try, he has not grown on his own before. The THC throws him into anxiety, destabilizes him and he is very agitated, he was hospitalized 6x from 2-8 weeks at a time last year and now is 7 months out and on the CBD, no THC and has not been hospitalized. The CBD acts better than Adivan for him and he is taking titrated dosage CBD tablets from John Hopkins, that is researching the effects of CBD…1500 mg per day. He said one tablet lasts 8-10 hours to decrease anxiety and his brain function and plasticity seems to be improving. He still takes two psychotropic drugs zyprexa and Depekote, he hopes to be able to wean off of at sometime in the next year or two with more info and research on CBD. He is 28 and has not been able to work until now, he is able a few hours a week and is able to carry on normal communication and logical thought sequencing for the first time since about age 17. What can you suggest?”


All the ones on here I think have higher thc than 5 percent. I just looked but maybe there affiliates have some but I don’t know who they are. I have seen some in other seed banks but we can’t promote others here. Very sorry.

There is no need to do anymore research…
Only 2 strains possible : AcDc
Charlottes web

Preferably get clones, acdc is clone only strain anyway…
Good luck


There are actually a bunch of high CBD strains out there now @Ragnar, Charlottes web and AcDc were just the first ones available, but there are companies out there who only make high CBD strains!



Yeah I know, Iam growing Royal medic, API, CBD O G, acdc, Charlottes web…
Still I advice everyone who wants to grow for the cbd to get a good clones…
Seeds are usually third this way third that way and third the way you want it to be if it comes to thc-cbd ratio…
Absolutely love acdc tincture !!!

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