What strain grows best in the state of Georgia?

I would like to do a gorilla grow in the state of Georgia in the US what should I plant that can withstand very hot and humid weather.

I’m in Florida,and there’s not many that wont grow here.Maybe a few delicate indoor strains may have problems with the heat.
Been growing down here for 40+ years,and never really had a problem with the heat.That being said the only problem was getting water to the plants if they were in a remote area.

Thank you for responding, water is going to be an issue I’m sure.

Yup, like my grandfather and my great grandfather used to say, from down south, always find a good remote place with a spring or small creek, errrrrr, for a good still setup, ha. Ya know, the same basic good advice is still good for other things!

All Strains :slight_smile: Great region to grow in.

A seedbank we are friendly with has this power strain, works great as well: Power Kush feminized seeds

Some other nice ones:

Marionberry kush
RainBow Jones
Dinafem cheese

I started growing outdoors last year in the eastern U.S. I tried guerilla growing on my property near a stream as I didn’t want to have to lug the water down to the plants. The only problem I had was two neighbors that wandered onto the property and saw my plants. I had to transplant them to pots and put them closer to the house. They did just fine in this climate.