What strain for night time pain relief

MY wife has had many surgeries and I have been growing and processing plants into coconut oil and sugar for a few years now. I typically make gummies for her and they seem to work well. I have tried a few strains but so far the White Widow auto flowering is easy to grow and process. I l am looking for recommendations for a couple different strains to try or just stick to the white widow?


My favorite is Girls Scout Cookies… I am almost 50 with a back like a 90 yo man… After my spine separated at l3-l4 a variety have helped… But GSC and God Father OG have helped immensely.

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I have grown GSC too

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My pain/sleep strain is White Widow. 8 or 9 weeks in flower for pain. 11 weeks for knockout juice…


If you want to keep buying seeds then keep doing what your doing, but any photoperiod plant has more THC than it’s autoflower kin.

Take White Widow for example as an auto grown 15 total weeks it has some couchlock, but it’s photoperiod sister White Widow contains 5 percent or more THC.

You can clone photos even further saving your money. You run them on a shorter light cycle vs autos which most run on 20/4 which means lower power bills. 12 hrs during flowering vs 20 is a big difference on your meter.

You got a great strain for nightime and pain but for more potency switch to photos.

Grandaddy purple, Northern Lights, Super Skunk and any majority indica is best for nightime. Good luck!


If you really like the WW my freind, try the photo period WW. .
You do not have to keep paying fir seeds and you get more yeild (alot more per plant) and it’s stronger.

And plus, once you harvest a plant, you don’t chop it down.
Take most of the buds and change the lights out of 12/12 for flower and go back to 24 hours light for a couple weeks then to 18/6 (veg hours) .

This will force the plant back into its vegetative state and it will regrow limbs leafs and once its big again, flip back to 12/12 and flower it all over again…

Or take clones from it and grow them out to flower…

With each generation it will get stronger and you can reach 25+% thc from a strain you know and like…

Good luck my friend :grin:


Moby dick is easy to grow and its great for pain and sleep

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My house prefers Super Silver Haze for pain


Ive heard absolute gold (pun intended) about ILGM’s Gold Leaf. Yet to run it myself, but have a pack in the stash waiting to hit water.

Granddaddy Purple is another Im eyeballing for a drop.

But as stated multiple times above, White Widow is tried and true. I love that strain. Maybe try diff levels of maturity in your harvests. Let one go a bit longer before pulling and test the effects


We did exactly that with white widow outdoor last summer. Had a 1 zip clone next to her 1lb sister, but let the little girl go 3 extra weeks. Better for pain, absolute knock out though.i won’t smoke it unless I’m ready to wind down


I have all 3 of those strains going atm

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Every one I have seen on the forums that have grown the Super Critical Bud CBD or peach Puree swear they are the best. I have no real world experience other than a friend uses the super critical for bone on bone hip pain now.

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