What strain for cooler weather

What is the best strain for indoor grow with cooler temps?

Autos and indicas tend to do better with colder temps than sativas, however any strain that is grown for too long below about 68*F and yeild and THC production will be diminished. Cannabis can take a light frost as long as it is not continuous.

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Thanks for the answer. With the temperature dropping my grow room is averaging 72°F but I’m sure that will drop more as winter approaches. I’m hoping that keeping thectents closed that the lights will keep a good temp.

Hi Mac, I want to start a AF grow in Oakland hills. Can I do it now? You may recall I am indoors not airtight green house so the temps will be whatever the weather is. I do this as s hobby and just want to grow if I can this winter.

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Ps I’m thinking you may say it won’t work without heat in the room.


Yes, autos might be slightly more tolerant of cold, but even then they can’t tolerate freezing, so the absolute minimums for cannabis in general still apply to autos.

This should help, a question Robert addressed really well awhile ago.