What strain fights the hsv1 virus and also fight inflammation at the same time?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’ve been looking at all the strains and am trying to find one that can fight the hsv1 virus and also fight inflammation at the same time. Is there such a strain? Would like it to not have any paranoid side effect if possible. If no such strain, I’d have to get 2 separate strains.”

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All cannabis on this site has the ability to fight inflammation.
I don’t have any info on the virus though

According to the studies I read the hsv1 responds well to THC. So any strain (all MJ has THC)

There are many strains that fight inflammation and one of the top of the list is Critical Mass. CM is an Indica Hybrid that is high on the inflammation list, but because it is an Indica it can relax you a bit too much and isn’t really considered a daytime med.

For daytime use maybe a mix of the Critical mass and something like Amnesia Haze which is a Sativa. That way you can still get the job done. Consider infusing s lip balm to get the meds right to the sores as well!

Hope this helps!