What strain do you not like? And why


What strain don’t tickle your fancy? And why?

@fano_man. His Example will be blue dream


I love Blue Dream! What’s not to like?

I have to be picky with sativas, some give me horrible anxiety and don’t go well with PTSD. Haze is one I have a hard time with if I don’t go easy. But I’ll give anything a couple tries before I completely avoid it. Sometimes it’s just one particular grower supplying the dispensary that might not have the best of a particular strain. It’s frustrating, but it can be hit or miss for me if I stray away from my usual strains.


AK47 tastes like funky azz & takes Forever to cure. I still have some over a year old i just brought out & still…Yuck!


I’d happily get rid of it for you! That’s a go to for migraines for me.


Wish i could! You gotta drive to BFE Texas but love the company.Have you tried the crystal here? Shes high in thc & cbds. I make tincture with her & grow one every groe.


I haven’t. But I do like strains with both THC and CBD. They’re great for pain, typically.


Try it youll love her!!! Talked @Myfriendis410 into trying & he loves it as well!


I have 3 plants in RDWC and one is a Crystal. Thanks @Laurap!


Man oh man, i do love that crystal!!!


I’m down to my last jar. Everyone who tried it loved it. Unlike Girl Scout Cookies where NOBODY liked it lol.


Hazes taste kind of metallic and ozone-y to me. I’ve only grown 2 different haze strains (Amnesia Haze and O’haze Red, both photos) and I just couldn’t get past the taste.

Maybe a fruity haze would taste better? I know that Hazes would be great medicine for my head.


My Mrs. @LogieByYoga loves Super Lemon Haze. It has a nice taste. Might be worth a try.


Wish they made Blue Dream Haze.


Blueberry Haze is the inverse of Blue Dream, or there abouts. It’s a Haze mother and Blueberry father, or vice versa…opposite of Blue Dream. Or I might be trippin.


Welcome back betty :hugs::hugs:


Did some googling…Blue Dream is Blueberry x Super Silver Haze (not Haze, as I had thought), Blueberry Haze is Blueberry x Haze. So yeah, maybe Blueberry Haze is the one!


You had me at Blue.


Hey, @Kiwiknight! Thanks!

Great thread to start, btw!


Thanks I got the idea from @GreenCoat

From his thread what strain do you like…


Haha this is funny shite… light hearted sarcasm bewtween forum buddies @fano_man now tell us what strain you like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: