What strain are these?


Just got these in. What strain is it? Not much odor at all.


should have asked where you got it…
hard to tell


Yeah, I get my stuff from a friend who gets it from a friend. He knows I want to know but always forgets to ask. He is a great friend, but he drives me crazy with this. That is part of the reason I’m here. I’m tired of paying people for something I could be doing on my own.


i’m with you there!
vote @BIGE for BOM for may @Illinois


Maybe give it a taste test that’s usually the best
way to help figure out what it is maybe you can describe it. Over the years I’ve had a lot of different bud and I hate not knowing what it is. Especially when its good stuff haha thankfully now i don’t have to guess because I grow my own :clap:


yea, @Illinois what is the taste,and effects like?


Tasty like chicken :rooster:


smells like fish… :fish:


I love that movie


I’d trim all those sugar leaves off and do something other than smoke them as they can be kinda harsh. It’s very hard, if not impossible to tell what strain, even if you grew it lol. They look very similar once cured, and only slightly less similar before. While growing, you might be able to tell whether it is sativa or indica dominant. But your best bet is to set aside a few hours, fire it up, and see what’s what.


It’s definitely not my stuff haha. But I know a guy who knows a guy around there too.


Yeah, this batch is full of those sugar leaves. Not sure what that is all about.


Not a very good trim job on those buds.


I agree with @raustin. Looks like you got weak trim and some larf. Hopefully price was good.


I would be embarrassed to sell something like that. I wouldn’t even give that away. I hope it was cheap.


It was given away. His stuff is the best I’ve ever had usually. But, this stuff looked so different to me which is why I asked yall. Good to know about trimming. And what is larf? I’m learning so much here, I can’t thank you all enough.



“Larf,” while a fun word to say, is a term some cannabis consumers may not have heard before. It’s a slang word that refers to smaller, immature buds that didn’t quite reach their full potential. Usually these buds are wispy or fluffy little flowers found on the lower branches of cannabis plants. Generally, their immaturity is attributed to lack of light penetration due to living in the shadows of the bigger, topmost flowers (called “colas”), but other environmental factors can cause similar results.


Makes perfect sense. Thank you!