What strain anyone know

Does anyone know what strain this plant is? Got it free in local shop.
I have never seen this before, short fat leaves. But then I have not grown much.
Sad I think it’s a male, can’t see any little white hairs on the stem… Thanks guys

Sorry have probs uploading

Here ya go

Wow…!! :smile: free in a local shop…!!! Where do you come from… I moving there… Lol. I am growing an indica strain that has short fat leaves very much the same. I didn’t have little hairs on the base of the branches until about week 3 of growth. My strain is carmelicous. Beautiful sexy little plant.!

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Yup they had 5 or 6 just started about 3 in. In height just sitting on counter and I ask if they were selling clone they said some one brought them in and said give them to people, so I lucked out :slight_smile:

That’s awesome tikbear , it’s an indica strain for sure. It looks like my White Widow @ that stage, but (FREE) I myself I would name it whatever…lol


About the only way to know for sure is to know where it came from, what its mother was, or after you grow it to full maturity, then you might have an idea of what it is, other wise you have to trust that its lineage is what ever they say it is. with the fat leaves, it likely has an indica in its herritage, but that still won’t tell you much about what the end smoke will be like, if it is female. It probably will be female tho, it just isn’t showing any sex yet. It’s likely a clone of a female plant, unless you know it was grown from regular seed, then you’ll have to wait and see.

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Nah it was a seed, it still had the little round leaves on it. But thanks for the info on the indicated, I’m so hoping it is not a male.

It is likely a seed from a cross pollination from one of the local shop’s growers. Even the pros get a hermie sometimes. So even they might not be sure if it was from a late stage self pollination or maybe a cross pollination from a late stage hermie, and they themselves are unsure of its heritage. If this is true, it was likely a feminized seed and the plant will likely still be female.

Beware for more hermie flowers on this plant in late flower, this type of seed is more likely to develop hermie flowers than the type of feminized seeds created from a mother plant that does not develop late stage hermie flowers naturally on its own.

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My first grow got seed from bag of street weed high wasn’t that good but for practice before my comes??? Been under led using seeding soil have watering from bottom up looks like same plant can’t tell sex

my first grow for parctice until my seeds get here… germed ok been under led watering from bottom up using seeding soil can you tell what stran and sex got seeds from bag of street hig wasnt that good

I don’t understand why people keep asking us to identify what strain a plant is that came from street schwag bag seed.

Street schwag is just what it is, it is not a “strain” that has been refined. Your average street schwag, even no matter where in the world you got it, is a low grade indigenous strain that is often allowed to practically grow wild, with no breeding program to increase THC and refine it to a high quality bud. Depending on what part of the world and what street it came from, it may have a Indica or Sativa dominant background, but this weed is often a random mix of various unknown genetics because of how little control of what pollen seeded the plants.

The majority of street schwag in the USA comes from Mexico, with maybe some of it coming from Jamaica or south america on the east coast USA. As this is the case, the street weed will be likely high in mexican or south amercian sativa genetics, and maybe distantly related to strains like Acapulco Gold or Columbian Blondes or Reds, but that is about it and you can’t count on any of your seeds coming out like one of the aforementioned strains, it is just too mixed, even the poor Mexican farmers are mixing in genetics from stray medical buds and might be mixing in a heavy amount of Indica genetics, so nothing is certain in bag schwag.

And even with a very good highly refined strain, when grown from seed, there is no real way to identify what it is, differently from any other weed, especially early on. Much of its genetic potential will not be realized until it it’s flowered and harvested and even then you might not be able to identify one strain from another without knowing where it came from.

Same thing for sexing your plant, there is no 100% certain way before it shows its sex, which won’t be at least until it is quite a bit older and is showing pre-flowers, and even then some strains don’t show pre-flowers easily and you have to completely put it into the flowering light photo period to get it to show its sex.

Otherwise, you can read this guide blog from Robert on hints and tips and the specifics about light and forcing your plant to show sex here: http://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/6-tips-for-sexing-your-marijuana-plants/

Ouch. … thks just growing for practice until I get some good seeds

Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean for it to seem I was beating you up about the questions themselves, and you absolutely have the right idea to use this for practice and I am more than happy to help you with that part, I just had to lay down the cold hard truth about bag seed cuz we get this question a whole lot! lol.

It will grow like weed no matter what, and you can absolutely apply what you learn with it to growing your better genetics later.

And also, so far it looks like you are doing a pretty good job, it looks mostly pretty healthy.

Thks can use all the advice I can get wouldn’t even try growing if not for finding your site. … might even take some classes this summer recommend anything

Also, yeah, don’t expect it to smoke much better than the bag it came from. If you can keep it seedless it might be a little bit better as it can devote all its energy into creating dense swollen nuggs, and maybe then come out with slightly higher THC levels, but it won’t be anything dramatic or significantly noticeably better, lol.

I’d imagine any botany and/or general horticultural classes would be good, Latewood might have some good ideas about what to recommend better than I.

I learned the hard way, before the internet, mostly through trial and error, some ‘high times’ magazines here or there, and a book written by Robert Connell Clarke, considered by many in the “Emerald Triangle” to be the ultimate marijuana bible. It is called ‘Marijuana Botany, An advanced study: The propagation and breeding of distinctive cannabis.’ And of course you can read all of Robert’s blogs and guides in the “box links” at the top of the page, as well as getting his Marijuana Grow Bible, if you haven’t already done so.

Will chk into it printed Roberts book already that’s what got hyped…didn’t think the smoke would
be any better… when my OG kush seeds gets here that’s when I will setup tent and go full force

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding about me asking what strain it was. What I really meant since I’m new to growing all this new kinds of pot, I’m an older hippy guy who back in the day we did not have too many types of weed. I just learned that there was indica , sativa not sure on spelling on third Rudy something lol. That’s all I was asking. I have never seen leaves like that. My skunk that I’m growing does not look like that at all, I was told it was indica and it is different looking. I know it would be impossible to know what it is other than what you stated. Just want to say thanks for all the great help you have provided my. Sure not like old days, throw seeds in ground and water till they got big. Lol

Well, your situation was a little different anyway, it wasn’t just average street schwag bag seed.

Actually the 3 main “species” have been identified as far back as 1964. And by some studies, even further back than that, numerous “species” being identified/described, easily as far back as the late 1800’s and at least the two major distinct growth pattern types of broad leaf(modernly popularly known as indica) and thin leaf types(modernly popularly known as sativa) as far back as 1753.

However, in modern times, and with genetic testing, even many botanical experts do not necessarily agree they are different species at all, and there is only one species – cannabis, with basically two main varietals, “wild” in which sativa and ruderalis both belong and broad leaf and thin leafs can both appear, and really there is no difference between ruderalis and sativa, and then domesticated drug type cannabis, which is known as Indica and can also have thin or broad leaves. It is also generally agreed that a ruderalis like plant that originated in the Hindu Kush (northern Afghanistan/Pakistan and parts of the Himalayas) and up to Siberia, is the common ancestor of all cannabis. And drug types were bred from this ruderalis like plant in northern India as far back as 10,000 years ago and maybe even much further back than that.

And as for “wild” cannabis, it also appears in two varietals, photo period induced flowering strains that tend to come from more equatorial regions, traditionally known as sativas, and then the other is Cannabis var. spontanea, or more traditionally known as ruderalis, and now more popularly known as “autoflowers” as photo period does not tend to induce flowering and they can flower even under 24 hours of light. In some of these more northern areas, like parts of Siberia, during the summer, you can get 24 hours of sunlight per day, explaining the reason it developed the ability to flower without the long nights of winter that occur in most other places with latitudes not as close to the poles.