What stage is showing?


A question from a fellow grower:

What stage is showing?


Thats a male plant!!!


Is that your only plant? If you have others you need to get rid of it. Get a big trash bag and. Cover it to keep the pollen in the bag, then cut and remove. If it’s your only plant you can dry it and smoke it or make edibles it won’t be very good. Not much THC In it. Sorry.


That’s a male plalnt . If you have females, you better get rid of it before it pollinates. Your females then you’ll have seedsl



reply from the topic starter:

I sent pictures of male plant, there are others, none show any signs of flowers or what the mail did .If I have females is it too late to trash male?


If no sign of flower then your ok
Just get rid of the male plant and you will be fine



It is in the stage of; “Chop me down, or I am going to screw up your entire grow” :slight_smile:

Cull that Male asap!