What stage are these autoflowers


That 1st pic looks like bud rot and/or pest damage. Pretty bad maybe total loss. The second one is mid to late flower stage.


Thanks first grow so learning. So suggestions for the one that you say is total loss? Serious trim, pull it, ??

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I recently lost one to bud rot. It probably would have yielded close to 3 oz but I only salvaged about 10g. I hate to advise giving up on any green plant but that one maybe just chalk it up to experience.
Are these outdoor plants?

In the second on I think I see foxtailing

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Agree with @HMGRWN, the 1st one is a loss to rot. As far as the 2nd girl, no foxtails on outside good ole sunshine. She is moving into flowering and showing pistils :love_you_gesture:

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Yes outdoor