What soil to use for Autoflower?

I’ve used FFOF for Photoperiod but now I’m growing Autoflower but was wondering what would be good soil that’s already made to use, someone had mention roots organic potting soil. What ever soil is recommended should I also add fertilizer if not about when should I add them? Thanks. I’ll be growing northern lights Autoflower

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I use FFOF for my autos (with extra perlite mixed in), nothing really changes between photos and auto, other than light schedule and you don’t really want to transplant autos (once sprouted, straight to forever home/pots). I feed my auto FF nutes after about week 3…


Everything Ron said is like identical to my reply as well lol. I use FFOF for these

photo gold leaf now… and lol I’m gonna do a NL auto next month…great minds think alike…:+1:


I use a mix of seedling soil, cocco air, compost all in equal portions works for me these are a month old


Ok I just ordered a bag of FFOF from Amazon now should I use 3 or 5 gallon pots what size do you use? Thanks


I used 5 gallon fabric pots for Autos works out really great for me.


Should prolly go w 5’s unless you want to do a sog and immediate flower them after 1 month veg only… 5 gal fabric are great containers…i use 5’s as well. I Have used 3’s before and wished into flowering that I went 5’s. … but if your gonna keep it small, dont have room go 5


I saw somewhere recently where the writer thought autos needed a bit of a boost with nutes due to their faster growing nature. I’m not an auto grower but I know @Not2SureYet does an awesome job in coco with low TDS nutes.


I pretty much use 5s for every thing for the most part. I will use a 3 if I believe it will be a small plant and have used 7s a few times. For plants I expect to be large. A 5 is probably the best over all though. It will handle pretty much what ever sized auto you grow. The smaller the pot, the faster it grows it seems too, or in coco. I have never grown in soil before.


@weedify I have used both sizes, and did not notice much growth difference in my plants. That being said, I tend to go with 5 gallon most of time now, just because I think they are easier to water with more surface area…

@Myfriendis410 When I first started, I followed the suppliers feeding chart. Over the last couple grows, I have sort of went out on my own, tending to go on the weaker side early on and amping them up mid flower. Right or wrong, my girls are loving it so far, or so it seems to me. I will have to go check out his grows and see whats up, I am always open to new ways…


I fall into the ‘less is more’ camp myself. I’ve had it amply demonstrated that nuking the plants with a high nute load just begs for trouble. That said I don’t have a lot of experience with autos other than smoking Brian’s product haha.


This thread is a little old but I’d rather not open a new one for a similar question.

I’ve got an s*ton of FFOF for my tropical plants and see that a lot of people recommend it for their grows as well. But I’m going autoflower and I’ve also seen a lot of info scattered throughout the internet that FFOF is too hot for autoflowers.

A year later, would you still use FFOF for your autoflowers, and if so, is there anything I should do to prevent burn?


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Indeed their is a lot of talk about FFOF being hotter then FF happy frog and it’s true. I like to start in happy frog from seed or clone when possible but I have on quite a few occasions used OF throughout. If you can cut or dillute the Ocean Forest down it would help if starting from seed that is. Even some used soil mixed 2:2 would help. It’s more a matter of seedlings in the hotter OF but again I’ve done it and been alright.

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On hand, I also have cacti mix, orchid mix, and perlite. Maybe mix some of those in?

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Nah I wouldn’t… I bet they have slow release nutes in them which is a no no for weed. Perlite ain’t gonna hurt… but gotta look at the additives.

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I used all nature compost. With FF products

They are both Schulz products. The orchid mix ingredients are “aged forest products (fir or pine bark), arcilite and horticultural charcoal.” The cactus mix is “reed-sedge peat, composted forest products, and/or composted rice hulls, sphagnum peat moss, ground dolocitic limestone (ph adjuster) and a wetting agent”. I fine buying something else to cut in if needed, or going another route altogether.

I just have a giant bag of FFOF that I figured I could use up, since I have transitioned most of my houseplants to semi-hydro.

You’ll be fine man…do one up atleast get started, throw 1 w/ 10% backyard soil. I’m telling you you’ll be fine…mix up some of that one w moss and hulls sounds good as well. So many options or straight up… get busy living…or get busy dying…

hi ron,can you tell me how much perlite to use with ffof for 3gal pots.

@davray I use 1 scoop of perlite for every 4 scoops of fox farms (I use a large cup, but anything would work) until I have enough to fill the pots…