What soil supplements for Flowering

I use the Fox products. Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom and have started adding Beastie Bloomz and then to Cha Ching. She is 12wks and flowering.
Any experience growers with more knowledge than me want to share some Wisdom

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I use fox farms and about 5 weeks into flower…be careful and start at quarter dose… Last grow I got bad nute burn after using Beastie Bloomz…

I have been guided here to start at a 1/4 dose and work up to full gradually.

I little goes a long way.

Are you growing soil or hydro? What strain(s)? Reg or autoflowers? How long since the 12/12 flip?

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I believe @MidwestGuy or @CMichGrower usesnor used ff products and can lead u somewhere goo. Maybe even @PurpNGold74 @BobbyDigital

Here is the feed chart. Cha ching is typically used for the last couple weeks.

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I have some Fox Big Bloom coming and was wanting to start feeding next weekend at their 3 weeks in flower. By the chart should I be using a quarter dose of 1 1/2 teaspoons per gallon to start? How big a drink per plant considering two are in 5 gallon pots but all the rest are in the garden soil? I am also thinking of using some epsom salt but am unsure of the teaspoons per gallon. Can I mix the Bloom with the salt in the same jug?

Its a sativa auto
Outdoors in 5g container
Natural compost


I use the chart as close as possible, i adjust as needed.

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Shouldn’t be needing cha Ching yet. You look only about a week into flower from the pic you posted. You should be feeding week one of 12/12 if that’s the case.

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Yes Sir
You are correct, just started with Beastie Bloom.
Thank you

101 days old still on the 12/12 feeding schedule except I started adding molasses.
Thanks Greg

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