What soil should I use?

Completely new grower here. I ordered some auto flower seeds here along with the all in one nutrient package. I plan to plant my seeds outdoors but I’m wondering what kind of soil I should use. Will basic potting soil be fine since I have all the nutrients?

most of the guys here will tell you to use Fox Farm Ocean Forest… some will say that is too hot, so use Fox Farm Happy frog…

personally, but with limited experience… I think if you are going to be using nutes you should pick a soil mix with very low nutes already in it…
however,… some will say you only add nutes to an auto once,…right before flowering…
I have never grown an auto as my first will be here in a few days… so I really cant help… but I will be watching with lots of interest.
I am planning on using miracle grow moisture control myself…

So maybe I should just go with the fox farm ocean forest and not even bother adding the nutrients I bought from this site?


that may be a good option,…or use the FF and just add a bud booster around week 5 or 6


has more experience than I do

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Well I kinda wanna use the flower power I bought from here because I feel like it will make them grow really well. I just don’t know what soil to start with because I don’t want to burn them

If you can get the fox farms soil, use it. It’s really good. I always add perlite to any potted soil, for anything. I’d add 25% or little more, make sure you don’t get perlite with added nutrients like miracle grow. This will get you through the first few weeks fine. But around flowering time you will need to add nutrients, so you maybe set up well.

But I bought the $40 flower power package from this site. So shouldn’t I just use plain ol potting soil and add the appropriate nutrients like the feeding schedule says?

I use both ocean forest and happy frog. I layer bottom 50-70% of pot with OF, then fill with HF. Both mixed with perlite. I have seen plants burned by OF, but heard stories from people who seed in it. I prefer to be cautious with any young plants. Easy to kill them

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you can. however…autos have an accelerated life sequence and usually do not need as many nutes as a photo plant will need… just be sure to monitor the plant closely so you can react quickly if it does not do well with the nutes.

I appreciate all the responses. I guess I’m just a little scared I might fail hence all the questions. I’m sure I’ll do fine as it’s an auto and I have all the nutrients required from the flower package. Wish me luck!

Also, how often do I want to use the fertilizer in the drip system? At all times or?

most folks feed every other watering… might be more difficult with a drip system…are you doing a guerilla grow? why the drip system?

Whoa! Slow down and do some more research before you start. Seedlings need No fertilizer. Do a couple days reading the material here and on other sources before jumping in. You need to figure out germinating and watering before you worry about nutes. Not trying to be critical, but your asking how to jump before you’ve walked.


Im new also, still finishing my first grow , but FYI i grew autos and used nutes starting week 3 until 1 week ago. I quit cuz mine will be harvested in a few days and u need to flush the nutes out before its done. I used the ilgm trio, i used some Fox Farm Trio and some water soluable fox farm products, also i used happy frog and ocean forrest. Now my plants look like aome do do now but it was due to bugs. Ya i would stay away from the drip unless its paramount to your situation. But if you must use it
I would only use the drip for water and just bring the nutes in a bucket. Nutes go bad after 48 hours mixed with water unless uou have something in the bucket keeping the mix moving, then it can last longer but i wouldnt chance putting it on my prized plants after its several days old. But this os all my noob opinion

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I do use Fox Farm ocean Forest but where you’re using ilgm nutes and I’m not familiar with them you might want to call in one of the ilgm monitors, they might have a better idea about their nukes

Whenever I have a question about outside growing I asked @Majiktoker, great guy with tons of patients and a real easy way to explain things too…
-good luck

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I’m with you on the nutes. I start early and often. I don’t get why people are so against using nutes early. When people say don’t do it, is it from experimenting or reading ? Wont know unless you try!

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What do you need an input on soil or nutrients

You are starting from seed. There are many ways to germinate. I soak a paper towel an fold in half inside a ziplock bag. Soak the seeds in water a little then put in the Baggie.

When they crack open and have at least 1/8" of tail plant them about 1/4" deep in your soil. Fox Farms makes a seedling starter soil or Happy Frog is good. The seedlings bring their own “sack lunch” in the form of those first two button leaves that will last a few weeks so don’t feed them till then.

After that you transplant when they are ready into the outside soil. Are you growing in the ground or buckets?