What soil should I use

last year I used to Fox Farms ocean forest for an outside grow. It did okay and I planned on using it this year, however I may not be able to use it this year without spending an arm and a leg. I keep hearing about Miracle Grow soil Is this any good?

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Probably the worst stuff you can use.

The two issues are: unstable and very low PH (it’s not buffered for cannabis) and high amounts of harsh chemical fertilizers that make the smoke bitter and nasty.

If you are going to use other than FFOF you need to find a soil with ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, etc. but it won’t be any better buffered than the MG soil. Roots Organics does soils that are good for cannabis and Scott’s has a line of soils called “Black Magic” and those too are buffered.


I am have been growing in coco with success but am thinking about doing a grow with the soil from the backyard. I plan on just adding about 30-40% perlite. I seem to have very good dirt here. This would be for an indoor grow. Thoughts?

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Thanks for the replys. I got lucky and found f.f. ocean forest . I did have to drive 90 miles to get it though but it was worth it .

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For what its worth, i grow"indoor" exclusively in ff Happy frog. Pop seeds in mineral wool, then to solos, then to 5gal. Get average to great yeilds. I buy only from rural king, they do a spring sale and its 13 to 15 buck for a 40 lb bag. 2 bags does 6 plants with plenty left over for clones, teas etc…

I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere and can’t arouse neighbors with large deliveries. All our local hardware store carries is miracle grow, I plant in soil, 99% germ rate. I have cheap lights and I feed them and co2 bag. But I grow some great weed!!! I have a 2x5x5 so gotta keep things below 36 inches but get 2 good ounces of nice dense buds plus trimming, I manicure my buds. You flush and cure right I get great tasting weed. I’m not a pro mg person but you can use it with success.

two photos one auto and finish two left

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Yeah; there are growers who can do a good job with MG; knowing it’s quirks, and a dose of dolomite lime, a long flush etc you could grow some good weed.

That’s tough that you have to watch your deliveries.

Ha ha yeah live in old folks living with lots of nosey neighbors, but I make the best I can.

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They were out of happy frog so I’ll make do with ocean forest

OF is good stuff, its just a little hot for the nutes i run. Greeeeaaat soil tho. I might do an OF v frog grow and compare 2 blueberries. See what happens.

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