What soil mix to use when using strong liquid fertilizer?

I have recently purchases Robert’s marijuana booster kit, with the grow booster, bud booster and the booster. Not sure if many people have used it, couldn’t find many reviews but I thought id give it a go. The price was steep but my last three grows have all been basically simple-organic so i figured id spend a bit to hopefully get the results. Have previously grown in a soil mix of different types of poo, mushroom compost and a light airy soil with blood and bone (with potash) as a fert. My question is, what soil mix would any of you recommend when using a strong liquid fertiliser? I live in Australia, never heard of us having fox farms soils here.

Foxfarm s great. I also believe that you could use your old soil recipe, and add Marijuana Booster as needed to supplement growth potential

I love foxfarm ocean forest mix
It has everything you need to get your seedlings started and thriving for the first few weeks. I didn’t start with Roberts nutrients mix until recently and my plants grew to almost 5 feet tall under HPS 400 light. The problem was my yield now that im close to harvest time is going to be fair to poor cause i had to pull 4 plants that were male. I made the mistake of not following a structured feeding schedule and watering.

Okay thanks, i’ll have a look around local garden stores and see what they’ve got in the way of soils etc

Unfortunately no fox farm in aus, so will have to make up my own soil mix. Unfortunate about the males, how many plants do you have left? Im growing outdoors so with good soil and nutrients and 8 months of growing I’m hoping they get between 6-9 ft tall. Brought 5x Gold Leaf and 5x AK-47, Gold leaf took a bit to kick off but its now overtaking the ak and looking awesome. I made the mistake of having them on my window sill for the first week and they received almost no direct sunlight, so the stems stretched and received little leaf growth

I’m sorry. Foxfarm is only sold in Hydro stores, or stores dedicated to MMJ growing. You can find it online, but I am not sure how bad shipping would be.

Let me know if you need any help building your soil.

We have hydro stores here, going to ring them tomorrow and see what kind of range they’ve got. Definitely no fox farm unfortunately.
Had a look at garden store today and if hydro stores haven’t got much ill go with a mix of mushroom compost, maybe chicken manure or a better one if i can find it, and the best quality soil they had which was $20 per 50 litres, had blood and bone, seaweed and fish emulsion and something else through it. Using 30L pots also, probably won’t fill them to the top but. Does that sound like a decent mix to you? Thanks for your responses also!

I like the last mix you mentioned. Make sure it has nychorizae fungi, or get some to add.

I would not start my plants in partially filled 30L pots. Use solo cups, or 4" pots up 3-4L to start with and transplant once plant is thriving.

I ended up going to the hydro shop and buying some canna-terra professional. Wasn’t cheap at all but read reviews and it seems like great soil, just waiting on the nutrients to arrive now. Plants are coming up to a month old, were in tiny pots until a few days ago now in about 6-8L pots with the canna soil, will transplant to the 30l pots in a month or so when root systems have developed. Only filling the pots up with about 22l of soil in each pot also as it was $44 (aus dollars) per 50l bag. has perlite pre mixed in but i think I’m going to add more because my first water overwatered the roots a bit. Might put a thin layer of perlite at the very bottom of pots to allow extra aeration for roots once i transplant into bigger pots. What would you say is the perfect ph level in soil?

This is a very common question, it is a pH of 6.5 in soil and Latewood and I had a discussion that actually covered pH in detail very recently here:


Thanks a lot, I’ve read that 6.5 is best a fair bit but I just wanted to see what you guys thought. Cheers!

Sinds like you have decent soil, and 44 bucks for 50lb. of “fancy” soil is not a bad price. Similar to the price of Ocean Forest. Canna is a great Co. The Expert that helped me set up my commercial greenhouse, and taught me how to make my own Professional custom nutrients solutions; Now works for Canna.

Make sure to be careful and balance any nutrients you add carefully, because that Organic soil probably has nutritional value.

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I know its not too bad of a price really, its just my first proper grow using the a-grade soil and nutrients so I didn’t really realise the price it could cost. Well I’m yet to know if the nutes are worth the money yet but ill soon find out. Im only using Roberts marijuana booster kit, with good soil I figured I wouldn’t need to add anything else. Fox Farm nutes had good reviews and half the price but I figured give Roberts a go.
Good to know about the expert that works for canna, the soil seems like an amazing mix to grow in, best I’ve ever seen but as you could guess I haven’t seen much in the way of proper soil mixes.

How did you make out with the nutrients

Nutrients work great noticed a difference as soon as i started using them. Next season I will use more than just the straight mj booster kit but for a simple grow it has gone very well so far.

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