What size tent for 1-4 plants?

Hello! I am wondering what size tent I would need for 1-4 plants? And what wattage led light? Any tips would be appreciated ! Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a hugely vague question. Its all chained together. Depends on quite a few factors. Namely what kind of techniques do you plan on running. Then what size pots would you like to run. Three 5 gallon pots untrained with proper lighting (operable word being proper) could bush a 3x3 out to the point you can barely water. Ive also seen 1 plant scrog’d to completely fill 3x3s and i think a 4x4. Look into LST and what type (photo or auto) plant you want. Is maximizing one plant or growing a couple as fast as possible the priority? If speed? You can plant 6 seeds in one gallon pots and just flower them early.

My point is. There are a million ways to cook an egg. Its all entirely on your preferences. Food for thought as a beginner: the bigger the better. Youd rather have too much space then not enough. And always go as tall as your space allots


HAve to agree with @PurpNGold74, get one as big as you have space for. I have yet to see someone say they want to downsize after a grow. I have seen just about everyone wishing they could go bigger than what they did…

As for the light wattage, people shoot for about 40-50 true watts per square foot (true watts = what is pulled from wall, not what light company tells you, most LEDs only pull about 1/3 of what the manufactures claim, my 450w led pulls about 185w (+/-10w) from the outlet)


So, how big will your second tent be?
And how much light can you afford?
My problem is trying to grow too many plants in one tent. I always think that I’m going to start 6 and end up with 3, but then I keep too many and they crowd the tent and none are happy.

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I was thinking about doing 4x3x6 or 7 or 3x3x6 or 7 and I’m going to grow northern lights first in 5g cloth pots and use the scrog method. I’m not sure how to pick the right light. I am not worried about the extra coat of electricity just trying to pick the right one to maximize yield and quality

Check out a 4x4x6 grow tent i can barely do 3 critical mass and 3 white widow scorg i out grew those smaller ones really fast. 4x4x6 works really great for me i use mh and hps i use 2 600w mh and hps for veg and flower

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Thanks! I appreciate your advice :smile:

I grew one Northern Lights plant in a 30" by 30" shower, with no LST or SCROG. It pretty much filled the whole area and I got 7 ounces dry weight.