What size reservoir for just one plant

I would like to start using auto pots to grow only one plant at a time. I notice they have a plastic 12gl reservoir and also a 6.6gl. Since it’s only one plant can I get away the smaller reservoir? Seems like it would be tough to ph the water in the 12gl reservoir if I only had 1 or 2 gallons of water in it

Rather than an official Autopot reservoir use can use a 5 gallon bucket. You have to drill hole in the side near the bottom for the top hat filter and grommet. You can get a food grade bucket and lid for under $10 rather than $60 for flexi tank. Some where on the Autopot USA site are directions with necessary drill bit size.


Just get the bigger res as ur gonna fall in love with growing and chatting with everyone here and wanna. Upgrade anyways u’ll see. Just get the big from the start. I promise I’ll wanna keep expanding lol


Also; a larger reservoir will resist swings of PH over the course of your grow. Which can be frustrating.


I 2nd or 3rd the larger 12gl res. I mix my nutes 3 gallons at a time in a 5 gallon bucket. Even a single plant will go through a surprising amount of water

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Thank you for the responses, I will buy kit with the 12gl reservoir. It will have everything I need to switch to a different reservoir. A lot of plastic trash cans would be the perfect size but I’m assuming they would not be food grade

Brute brand trash cans (the gray ones) are food safe. I use these for making and storing RODI water for my saltwater aquarium. They come in 20, 32, and I think 44 gallon. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart carry these.