What size PVC for netting (scrog?)

I have a GG4 growing in a 2x4 tent. Only one plant. Would like to construct a PVC netting so I can continue to train her. (Until now only LST).

Question - What size PVC pipe do you use for a roughly 2’ x 2’ net?

Note - I “do not” plan to glue the connections so it can be disassembled and also be able to adjust the height if ever needed.

@merlin44 has been Building some nice net frames for a long time.

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I use 1/2" pvc for most of it with some 3/4" and/or 1" when I need pieces to slide together. Another SCROG builder (my inspiration) is @Myfriendis410. Put “SCROG” in the search bar and you will see many examples to work from.