What size pots to use for outdoor growing?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I was just wondering if you could give me some quick advise on what size pots to use for outdoor growing for Ak auto, OG kush and gold leaf. I’m located in Massachusetts if that matters. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.”

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I would use 10 gallons or larger for an outdoor grow.
They are going to grow for almost 4 months before going to flower, so you want to have plenty of room for your roots to stretch. Just remember, bigger the pot = bigger the plants = larger harvest!


I use the soil the earth supplied star in ffof soil and transplant directly into the ground

good rule of thumb is for each foot of plant you need at least one gallon of pot…hope this helps you


I grow my otdoor in the ground, but buddy of mine, extremely successful grower, uses 100 galon ones, he says anything smaller is a waste of time for him…

Thanks a lot for the input guys, I appreciate it.

I do have the ability to do completely in the ground but since I’m in MA I get nervous, we could have a cold snap at any time… That being said I figured I would do it in portable pots just to be safe. I’m thinking 15 gallon should do the trick. Thought?

10 gallon fabric pots work great, I also live in MA and grow in fabric pot because as you know the weather can be unpredictable. How do you go about starting your plants? @Derbs

15 gal should do ok, I would not go any smaller, that would kind of negate the purpose of growing outside…
Happy growing…trees to the sky :wink:

I’ve got them started under lights. @KritsCannabis

First time grow last year, 3 plants in 5gal pots. I got 3 plants about 4 -5 ft tall. Yeild lasted about 6 months. This year 5 plants (Crystal) in 7 gal pots and 3 plants (ww) in 5 gal. I need to be able to move them easily( if I have to).

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what’s your opinion as far fabric pots ? thinking of transplanting from Big Box 5 gall buckets into larger 10-15 gall. fabric pots, thought air on roots would be beneficial but i can’t really find literature that backs that up… Thnx!! i need to upload some pics of my garden for opinion of growing 2 white widows from seed 1 looks male but has white pistils in crooks/nodes where as the bushier larger plant doesn’t have raised calyxs or stick & barwls , doesnt have the White hair/ pistils either! yeah they stumped the band! TY Very much jp9

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go for it. your plants will love you for it!
Heres a picture of mine. There in 7 gal fabric pots. They are @ 12 weeks 5-5 1/2 ft tall. filling in nicely.


Lookin’ GOOD Sasquatch!!!
They’re gonna be HUGE by the end of summer!
If you’re keeping a journal, please tag me.


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Yea there going to be bigger than I thought they would be. I planted a flower garden to camouflage them behind but there starting to get taller than the garden now! Sorry I didn’t do a grow journal for these.

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At least now you can keep that flower garden camouflaged. :wink:

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That’s funny @Rugar89 I’m still chuckling! lol

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I am just wondering how the 7 gallon pots worked out in the end. Were they big enough?