What size pots for outside?

If I’m going to plant a few ladies outside this time of year what size pots should i use and should they be fabric?

Most use 7 or 10 outside.
Maybe a 5 for an auto if you want to keep it small
fabric or plastic is just a personal choice.
I find outside fabric dries out faster. But they work fine and avoid rood bound plants.

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@Renrut131 are you doing photos or autos outdoor? I do photos and this year im doing 15 gallon fabric pots. They don’t have to be fabric pots but most growers who don’t plant directly in the ground use various size fabric pots. Good luck on your grow!

Kind of depends on where you live.

If frost will be an issue, then I’d use no bigger then 7 gallon since it will only have 3 1/2 to 4 months to finish. 10-20 gallon and bigger are better for plants grown all summer long.

With autoflowers, 5 gallon I’m concluding, are plenty big enough since none of my autoflower grows have gone past 3 months.

You don’t need a very big pot if you’re starting now. Most of the plants in US will be flowering within a month. That’s just long enough for your plant to mature enough and start flowering.