What size pot small or big

I recently moved out of my, 4×4 tent into 10×10×8 greenhouse huge difference I use the sun then fire up the mars

It depends on your growing style. Autos 3 gal, photo 5 gal, organic soil 7-200 gal

I use 3 gallon pots for my photos and yields are definitely down. I can get 8 three gallon pots in my veg tent. I just like the symmetry
:man_shrugging::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:. I’ve started to move my babies into 5 gallon pots when they go into my big tent for flower though to try and get yields up bit again


I’m am using 3.5 gallon airpots this grow. Gotta be honest, wish it was a 5 gallon. 3.5 gallons has me watering every 2 days.

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5 gallon for autos and 7 gallon for photos gotta give those roots room to grow