What size pot should I transplant to


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Beautiful little girl !!!
3-5 gallons for Autoflower, 25-50 gallons pot for regular, you’ll be golden, good luck !!!

5 to 10 gallons are more then enough for indoor growing @gman


I’m using 5 gallon for my photo plants and 3 gallon for my autos


I sent the previous post before finishing it. The first picture was taken today. This picture was taken 2 days ago (2-28-17). It is growing like crazy! It is in a 3 gallon pot now and is 3 weeks old. It is an Indica/Sativa hybrid (35%-65% Sativa dominant). I am only growing 1 plant so there is room to grow! I would like to maximize
the yield also so I can use all the advice I can get regarding: size of pot to transplant to or should I transplant, when to start flowering stage, should I train and if so when, etc.

Any advise is welcome. I’m the “seedling problem guy” who took all of the advice I received to help me with this grow, my second. Thanks to all who replied to my seedling problem post. You are all experts.

Best advice I can give you is to read up on training techniques. LST, Topping, filming, just to name a couple.

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If it’s a one plant grow the only real thing you need to understand is you need space and you need a good light… a 400 watt or 600 watt for approximately three by three or 4 foot by 4 foot would be good for one plant and if that’s the case I would go into a 7 gallon pot at least… to try to get the best yield from one plant because I’ve seen people get a half a pound to a full pound with a 7 gallon pot… you also want to look into scrogging and LST to get the best yield possible… if you could give us a summary of the lights you’re using the space that you have to work with , as well as the nutrients you plan on using and the tools that you have at hand to check your pH and TDS PPM and maybe we could get you in the right direction for the biggest yields possible for a one plant grow… :wink:

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[quote=“peachfuzz, post:7, topic:9499”]

I am currently using a 600 watt MH light for the vegetative state. I going to use a 600 watt HPS for the flowering stage. I’m using fox farm (ff) soil. My tent is 48 by 48. I’ve not used any nutrients but I intend to during the flowering stage (ff Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom. I will start nutrients slowly (I learned from the firs time). I stay on top of pH, temp. and humidity by checking 2-3 times a day. I have aTDS-EC meter but I haven’t used it. The plant has been growing so well that I felt the “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” attitude. Should I be more aware of this ? I have or will get what I need to be good at this so again, all advice is welcome!

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I agree with @peachfuzz, @gman. You will need a good lamp. For what I can extrapolate from your very first post, you seem to have a HID light on the low side of “wattage”, maybe a 200 or 250 watts ! ?

If I am right, even if you go with a 7 or 10 gallons pot and you take the chance to do LST or SCROG technic for your very first grow and you’re succesful with it, a 200 -250 watts HID is simply giving not enough lumens to achieved a big yielding.

Do not forget that simple rule : more lumens, more light penetration, more light penetration, more photosynthesis, more photosynthesis, more yielding and potency.

Hoping that’s enlighten you a little, gman,

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Google plant trainin techniques, there are some pretty good tutorials by nugbucket. That’s one place I read through all of them good info

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I will agree with @Niala and say 5-10 is more than enough for indoor

TxGrowman, please see previous GMan post. I think it will answer many of your questions. I took a lot of your advise on my first attempt at growing (unhealthy seedling) and used it for this grow. it was a feminized seed. She is growing bushy and fast (see above pics).

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Im glad this grow is going great for you @gman

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What is the size in watts of your lamp, if I may ask @gman​:grinning: It will greatly help for us to help you :grinning:

600 HPS. Please see previously GMan post for further details.

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I did go to all your topics, however did’nt go to all your post, my mist