What size pot for scrog grow

What size container should be used when using scrog method?

Depends on how big of room you have and how many plants. I guessing indoor? I would got with 5 gallon or bigger. I scrog and use 7 gallon grow bags.

I used 5 gal bags on my grow I just finished but I did not scrog but it seemed like they could have used more space for the roots to grow then the 5 gal bag could give them. Maybe I’ll go with the 7 gal this round

Big plants need big roots. Big roots need big pots. SCROG is going to veg a while and be a big plant. I think you’ve had good advice above.

There is no answer to that question. What is the size of your scrog net?

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I grow in hydro and use 20gal trash cans. I do scrog

And u must have a huge scrog net to accommodate a 20 gallon. But some people have a 2x3 net and can’t go bigger than a 5 and should probably b in a 3. Just depends what u have to work with and what your final size can b

I use 7 gal fabric pots and do 2 plants at a time in a 30"x46" scrog. I just started a 22"x46" scrog with 1 plant in a 7 gal fabric pot, we’ll see if it fills the net out and how long it takes.