What size pot for new grow?

I’m used to growing Auto’s and in 3 gallon Smart Pots but now going to try growing"Regular" fems. My question is What size pot should I use, 3 or 5 gallon?? Thanks

7 or 10.

Look at the actual dimensions of the pots, you’ll a 10 gallon is surprisingly similar in size to a 7 gallon.

Think of it this way, gallons in a Cubic foot, 7.4. A cubic foot does not seem that big to me.

We have the room in our tents to give our ladies at least 7 gallon pots. They deserve the best.


So you don’t think 5 gal will work?

It will just fine. If you already have them, cool. Use’em. If you’re going to purchase, go 7 or bigger.

Seriously, look at the measurements of the dimensions. You’ll see how big you can go.

I have my first grow in 5 gallon buckets. I’m doing ok. Check out my journal.

1st grow. Let the adventure begin!

I have 7 gallon smart pots for my next grow and I’m going to see about ten gallon smart pots for the grow after that.


Awesome :+1: Thanks

Was that your very first grow?? I’m on my 5th and getting ready to start my 6th. I’m going to use what I already have and see how that works. When I first started I had no clue just went into growing. I thought it was going to be Easy… but I was Wrong, lol!! I understand the hesitation because my state TN is not, shall I say very fond of God’s Medicine and I could lose Everything I have if “they” found out!! I’ll stop right there because my blood pressure gets to boiling when I think about it! LoL

If you plan on transplanting into a bigger pot anyway, just use the cheap assed black nursery pots, the plug comes out so much easier that clothe pots.