What size light do I need!

I have a grow room that is 5x6x7 ft tall if I wanted to grow 2-3 maybe 4 plants in it what size should I get? There are so many to choose from. Obviously don’t want to spend top dollar as I’m very new what would get my by and what would do the best?

Lighting is one of the most important things for growing. What’s your budget?

I think this is a question for @dbrn32 !!!


I mean I don’t really have a budget but don’t want to drop like 1000$ like I said I’m new and don’t want to buy a bad ass light that I don’t know how to use

We’re here to help my friend.
A bad ass light pretty much operates the same as a cheap light as far as functions go. They’re very simple to use. If you plan on growing long term , don’t short yourself on lighting. It’s critical to growing.


Square footage wise you’re pretty close to mine in a 4x8 tent.

6x5 = 30sqf
4x8 = 32sqf

I run 1300 watts in my tent to give reference on where to be. Me personally wouldn’t go below 1040. Give HLG a look. Bad ass lights and you never worry about lighting again.


Light and ventilation are 2 things you don’t want to skimp out on. If growing just a few plants you can use just a portion of the space inside.
The mars hydro sp6500 can cover 3x5 easily. It was actually overkill when I ran it. It’s a bar light that can just be raised all the way up from the start. Penetration is awesome on that bad boy!
I have it with a few clones right now. But the previous results were awesome!


You can probably get away with 1 scorpion ( if you rotate once a week)or 3 260 xls

Calling in the guru of light @dbrn32

beautiful ladies!

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:pray: Thanks!

Really depends on how large of plants you are thinking. 30ft² is a lot to buy light for, could easily spend in excess of $1000. You can also grow 3 modest plants in something like a 2’x4’ grow tent. Top of the line led light for a 2x4 is typically in the $400-$600 range. There are kits you can assemble yourself to get a good light for pretty reasonable price. There are also people who believe that you need 8-10ft² to grow a single plant. So all really comes down to how your expectations line up with your budget. You’re not going to harvest a couple pounds dry with couple hundred bucks worth of lights from Amazon. But those same lights could grow a few nice plants that yield a couple ounces each.


Honestly I already had the room in my garage since the previous owners made it. I can’t even smoke I’m just growing it for fun for the friends don’t really care too much about the yield. And don’t really want to spend a bunch because it’s not for me. Now In August when they vote to federally legalize it in the states and I can smoke it will be a different situation​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: fingers crossed


I would recommend HID lighting especially if you are on a budget. The parts are interchangeable meaning if something breaks you can replace it unlike led’s. You have a stronger light spectrum as well.
I would recommend a double ended bulb and fixture. One 1000 watt hps setup would work great.
Also with these double ended fixtures you can pretty much keep them at the top of the tent from seedling stage throughout flower.
My preservation tent is 4x8. I have:

Hydro crunch double ended fixture: 85 bucks.
Ipower high output ballast: 100 bucks.
Double ended bulbs. Mh, and hps: 30 bucks a piece.
2 six inch infinity exhaust fans with controllers: 30 a piece.
6 in. Duct work: 25 bucks.
6 inch hose clamps: 12 bucks.
Power strip, timer: 30 bucks.
Ratchet hangers: 20.

Thats about it and its bright as hell. You can keep the light at the top throughout your grow. The light penitration is out of this world withe these double ended fixtures. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Is this something specifically listed to your employment? I read the bill a couple times, and didn’t seem like it passing meant we could all get high without repercussions.


Not employment. Just the decriminalizeation federally. It will be like alcohol your job can’t tell you that you can’t drink. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

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I didn’t take that out of bill. Seemed like employers still had the right to have their own policies. There is some lingo that would limit their ability to test or how they go about testing, which could be helpful. But this bill is certainly not what most people seem to think it is. It’s something like 150 or 160 pages of charging references of Marijuana to cannabis, telling they are going to tax it, and how they are going to tax it. Oh, and your state will still have the abilities to make it illegal.

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Oregon it’s legal. As for my employer, they would benefit letting us casually use. We are losing a lot of employees because other companies are allowing and paying better. I doubt it will pass but I believe the time marijuana prohibition needs to be ended.

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And the tax would be from buying it I don’t plan on buying I plan on growing my own.:wink:


How many plants are you growing though? Say I wanted to grow 1-2 in the space do I need that much watts? Or would it just be better to get a tent to put in here so it’s easier to control environment?

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