What size instapot fits what size glass jars

I have been reading alot about using instapots for prepping edibles and am interested in learning what size of instapots fit what size of mason jars. Which ones fit pint and quart jars and which produces what.

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I personally don’t own a instapot so I’m not familiar with them but I belive you are referring to using them in a crockpot type method.

Not sure why you would need glass jars in them to be honest.

Making edibles is all about making a concentrate first, Avacado oil with some sunflkw leclin works great and its a fairly health oil compared to the high saturated fat content of coconut oil which clogs our arteries. however coconut is a popular choice.

Roughly bust up your cannabis, decarb it in the oven, toss it in the instapot at set temperature and add oil mix it all other and let it sit for an hour. Strain it through a cheese cloth (don’t use coffee filters) and do not squeeze it!!
This oil needs to be kept in the fridge and ideally freezer if not being used regularly.

I think he was referring to “decarb “ in the instapot

yes, the decarb process

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