What size grow bags and when to transplant?

Hi all,

I would love some guidance on what size bags and when to transplant? I have 1 Chem Dawg in 30 gallon bag, 2 Maui’s in 10 gallon bags and 2 Chem’s in 10 gallon bags. I’m in No Cal.




You should be good in those pots should not need to repot


I agree with @Dclark those should be fine. I’ve grown a couple 4 ounce plants in 5 gallon. And an 18 ounce in a 15 gallon. You’re good :metal:

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I grew 2+ lbs in 3 5 gallon buckets only filled halfway. So you are fine.

You can see the buckets with ease at the bottom of the photo. This was like the 4th week flowering. :+1:

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Thanks so much! Why is it that folks say 25+ gallon bags for outdoors?

Growing is a game of preference and there’s a fair amount of “science” people claim that doesn’t have verified results.

At the end of the day, a couple grows in you’ll develope your own preferences and style. I just tried to find people that grew plants like I wanted and went to them specifically for advice.

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