What size cups fit Rapid Rooter plugs?

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I have ordered my first seeds from ILGM… I am very excited.

Bought 5x Girls Scout Cookies Extreme and 5x Skywalker OG… both Feminized.

I think I have everything I need for the next grow…
Going with:
vivosun 7 gallon grow bags
Roots Organic Original Soil (@BobbyDigital)
Rapid Rooter starter plugs
Fox Farms nutrients (I have a lot left)

Was going to start the seeds… After the soak… In the rapid rooter until roots show then transplant to solo cups until 8" to 12" then to the grow bags.

I would like to buy reusable small clear cups to fit the plugs so I can see when the roots pop through. Any suggestions on cups and where to buy them? I have no idea what size the plugs are as they have not arrived yet.

I plan on growing only four plants maximum per tent (4x4) from now on so I don’t need many cups but realize I may have to buy more.

Thank you all!

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solo cup makes shot size cups that fit the plugs just right. I got them at CVS but probably get them anywhere you find solo cups. I wouldn’t use clear as the roots don’t like the light.

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Is the one ounce size good or go a bit bigger… 1.25,1.5…etc.?


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Gee whatever a shot size is which I think is an oz would be good. I have to go and look. Hold before you purchase a pack of 250 I will go and check in a few mins.

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I appreciate it… No rush… Just playing the new Call of Duty.

I see what your trying to accomplish, and what I did was purchase the 72 cell (they come smaller) starter plant greenhouse. The plugs fit perfectly in the cells, and then I can move them to a solo cup size after they sprout.

This is the one I purchased, the heater mat is perfect for seedling temps.


The other option I would recommend is using just the standard solo cup, with a rapid rooter inserted into your desired soil or medium. Use a clear cup upside down to act as a dome to keep humidity elevated to desired levels.


Nice call and good setup.

The cups I have are 2 oz shot glass.

If you don’t have the setup then I would go that route as well instead of the cups. I do use the shot cups to soak seeds in for germination. So I suppose there is other uses.



My wife bought me a:

I already have a vivosun heat mat and controller that I had been using to help heat my tent but found it was unnecessary so was going to use it under the propagator.

I have a double sleeve of solo cups I started my current grow of bag seeds in… I will use those with the soil in solo cup and add the roosters.

Thank you saves me some money.

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