What size carbon filter cfm ,and fan cfm for a grow tent 36x48x72

what would be the best size carbon filter and fan by cfm to ventilate and to scrub the odor?? thanks

The minimum Iā€™d recommend is a 6ā€ fan and filter. I ran 6ā€ in my meter square by 72ā€ and it did fine. Iā€™m running the same set up in my 4x4x7 and not having any issues.


I also vote 6 in fan and filter with a variable speed.


what is the cfm on the fan?? and the cfm on your carbon filter??,im not sure if its called a fan,like a inline fan. thanks for your reply.

thanks for your help,have a wonderful evening.

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6 inches works for me! My wife may disagree?


This is my fan.

And this is my filter

I would purchase both again. No odor coming from tent and the fan is very quite.