What should your ppms be at when your plants are 1 or two feet high



Guys I keep seeing plants at day 20 there budding and 4 feet tall I got plants that are 20 days old or older that are not big like that I keep my ppm around 450 to 550 should they. Be higher What’s to high or to low


Well this depends on what nutrients your using they have a feeding schedule and chart for you to compare too.


What medium are you growing in also matters for example a quality soil will have runoff in the 5000ppm area…
But raw nutrients you feed need to be much less because of its bioavailability.

Are your plants photos or autos?
What medium are you growing in?
What’s the ppm of your water going in? Out?
What nutrients, what strength?


Dwc and root farm hydroponic soil I use root farm micro grow bloom sensi a an b my dwc is around 450 500 ppm ph 5.6 to 6.3 soil never ph it they are growing fine


I don’t grow hydro but I use a hydro fertilizer from a company who’s been in the business since the 60’s and they are showing these numbers

But what does your nutes company say?


All I can find is feeding charts


Ohhh your with AN well nice choice buddy.
Yeah use their nutrients calculator and input your container size etc… Should be self explanatory.
Sorry dead tired here.

Give them a call in the Am or blast them an email they are solid dudes


THats all that’s on amazon.ca some others too bud don’t trust


You should have a local hydro store… But you won’t go wrong with AN it’s just expensive but some of the best