What should the pressure be for an air stone

How high or how hard should the pressure be through the air stone I have mine turned all the way open is that too much circulation inside I have a DWC

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Hard to have too much. You should be running a blue stone (much finer bubbles) and as much air as you can. It should look like a rolling boil when on. I use a 950 GPH pump for this. FYI it’s not the pressure you want to concern yourself with but the volume of air.

I wasn’t sure what you called it but you answered it perfectly thank you so much I appreciate it I know I’m doing it right then

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Good to ask questions. Hydro is a different animal and if your first time I’d advise putting up a picture and description of your setup so it can be critiqued. Really valuable.

Right now I just have six buckets I have all the stuff I need except the pipes and knobs and all that little stuff right now nothing is set up I’m trying to figure out how to do it

Youtube is a good place to start too. You can also look at other grow journals in hydro. Here’s mine:

Some advice: black tubing, not clear. Plan on top-feeding until plants are established. Net pots need to be 1 1/2 to 2" above reservoir.

If doing bucket-hydro it is really important to understand that a 5 gallon bucket will only hold 3.5 gallons at best, and plants in flower will consume up to 2 gallons/day. This means big PH swings, and filling buckets every single day.