What should tds and ppm be

I have a Apera pc60.I need instructions on how to test and what reading should be.Keep it simple pleasr

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Not familiar PC60 I have TDS20 and ph20. This video may help

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Thanks for video.I need to know what readings I should have when testing runoff


Soil 6.5 - 7

Coco 5.7-6.3

Hydro 5.5- 6.5

Tds on run off tells you one of two things, either lower which says they need fed at higher rate or higher which means they don’t need fed as much


Thank you



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I have to mix and feed my plants 4 L and then 2L that I mix separately for now. So how do I figure the total PPM per feed per plant do I add them together or average them out
Ex. 890 PPM 4L
940 PPM 2L in and 1086 in the run off
So I have numbers just not sure what to do with them any help will be appreciated