What should my tricombs look like

My seedlings are 2-1/2 months old have been growing in my window and doing very well they are approx 1-1/2 feet tall a mix of power plant train wreck etc. I just transplanted them to 5 gallon cloth bags and put them into my grow tent with the proper light and all the fixtures. They were root bound but they are in the mix of jacks grow soil with worm casing and bat quana as well as cocoa casing
Etc. I did not add any calcium as I had read with this nutrient rich soil it wasn’t necessary. But I noticed the plants have small white spots. On the up side of the leaves. This DOES NOT look like mold or spider mites. It looks flat can you recommend why this might be happening and

if this might change now that they are under the proper 12 hrs a day light on the correct spectrum and humidity etc. Thank you

i had the exact same thing happen, and could not figure it out.

Are you using an ultrasonic humidifier with tap water? Are you misting the plant?


Do you have pictures of the whole plant

I was misting the plants with filtered water. Yes.

Yes I’ll take that and send It.

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Looks like it was sprayed and whatever solution dried up and left residue.

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Do not spray plant while lights are on
Shouldn’t need to spray plant at all unless your spraying for bugs


Whatever that powder is it looks like you top dressed with has blew around and stuck to the leafs as they where wet from being sprayed.

Something like this

@Rescuemom3 hello hope you’re doing well. I’m not a hundred percent sure but it looks like thrips. Get a Jeweler’s loupe or an extremely strong magnifying glass and look underneath the leaves for bugs. Hope you get it figured out. Good luck and happy growing

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