What should my cure smell like?

I dried my plant for a week. The final moisture content was 13.5%. When I put it in the jar to cure, it had a nice, strong citrus smell. I’m on day 2 of cure. When I open the jar, it no longer has the citrus smell. I’ve read an ammonia odor is a sign that it’s not dry enough. I wouldn’t describe the odor as ammonia, it smells more grassy or chlorophyll-like. It is not a pleasant smell like it used to have. I also have a Integra Boost 62%RH pack in the jar. Is this a normal smell? Am I not dry enough? I thought 13.5% was dry enough so I’m kind of at a loss. Any insight is appreciated.

Are you sure it was 13.5 62% is what I shoot for 13.5 is kindling wood

12% is the top end of where you want to be. I like closer to 10%. You’re likely close to 65% rh. Just keep burping and the grassy smell should start going away

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I ran a moisture test on the flower and it was 13.5%. The humidity in the room was around 60%RH. I was using the link below for guidance.

“How to Test the Moisture Content of Your Cannabis” How to Test the Moisture Content of Your Cannabis

Thanks. Is it weird that I can barely smell any remnants of a classic cannabis smell? Will that come back or did I lose the majority of my terpenes?

It’s a moisture meter reading, not RH. Basically, you stick the probes of the moisture meter in the bud to see if they’re dry enough. You’re looking for between 10-12% moisture.

It should come back but I’d remove the humidity packs. Those have been know to ruin terps during the cure. They’re fine after the cure. Check out grove bags. These things are amazing for cure. No burping required and buds smell like the day you put them in several months later.

Yeah I have access to a good moisture balance. So I’m confident in the reading.

I was just explaining to dirtydave the reading you were getting.

Thanks for the input. I’ll take out the packs and look into the grove bags.

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Didn’t realize he was talking moisture meter my bad

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They have been night and day for me. I’ll never go back to jars. Thanks to @Audiofreak for bringing them to my attention. Literally, a game changer

If you don’t have a small enough rh meter to fit into the jar get a zip lock bag pour your grow into it with what meter you have and check what it says after about 4 hours. It’s not unusual to lose a lot of your smell at the beginning of your cure because the chlorophyll smell builds up the most then.

Should it be in the low 60’s if I do that, @GreenSnek ?

58-63 is pretty ideal more then 64 then your in the danger zone

If any doubt take out of jar for a few hours and then put back in jar…need to give them 3-4 weeks at least to start smelling tasty.

So I think I might have figured out my problem. I didn’t really trim up much of my sugar leaves. I took off the bigger ones, but left most of them in tact. I’m guessing they are causing the grassy odor. They had a lot of trich’s on them so I didn’t want to get rid of them. After watching some trimming videos, it seems that I should have spent time to trim them. Does anyone have thoughts on this?