What should I do?

A question from a fellow grower:

I am in the 2nd week of flower with 5 White Widow and 5 Gold Leaf all from you. The plants look great. I was going st SCROG this grow but I didn’t know what I was doing and consequently I waited to long to get them under my screen. I was concerned with doing more harm than good so I didn’t put them under the screen and so they are just growing with some topping of all plants and they look beautiful. My question is will I be better off to go ahead and take off the budding sites that are deep in the canopy where they will most probably not amount to anything. My thinking is if I go ahead and take these budding sites will that significantly benefit the remaining buds that I allow to remain. I have about 20 tops on each plant plus all of the sites deep in the canopy. I will take about 15% of the undergrowth sites at 1 time every 3 days per plant to avoid putting them into shock. Does this sound like a good plan? Your help is greatly appreciated.
Pat Wilson

There is a long running debate about pruning off the lower bud sites. Personally I don’t prune them, instead I have a couple 2ft t5 florescent lights I hang low to provide extra light to them. Come harvest time they make nice little snacks to either quick dry so you can smoke them while waiting on main dry and cure, or I use them to make butter out of :slight_smile:

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