What should I do with this unruly Durban poison?

The headline pretty much says it all! I took this orphan in about a month ago. It was spindly and in about a half gallon pot. I moved her to a 10 gallon and chopped it back 60 percent. She’s recovered but what a leafy beeotch. In two weeks I’m moving a new nft hydro system along side her and planned to veg it out 3-4 weeks with the other before flipping the switch but I’m not seeing any real stem or height growth that I’m looking for.

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You could raise or dim your lighting to get her to stretch out a little. I wouldn’t bother, she looks ready to flip to me. She’ll probably double in size during the stretch, so keep that in mind. Beautiful gal, and she’ll look even better with all those buds on her! :star_struck:


Until I grew stardawg autos and switched to HLG’s I didn’t think stretch was a thing with led’s.
They tripled lol. Presently the Durban is about 20” from the floor and I was looking for another 8”-10”.