What should i do with this clone


What should i do with this clone? My buddy was telling me to burry it down about 5 inchs amd then top it ?? Im using a metal halide bulb 600 watt and tips advice ???


If it was my clone, I’d put her into a 5 gallon cloth pot with her staked upright. I wouldn’t bury her five inches, that’s a big chunk of the plant. Just put her under a good grow light with some support and I would expect her to straighten up.


My question to you is why did he tell you that ?
It looks like your training her to grow in that direction ?
Untie it and put a stick in if you want her to grow straight up ?
I would change the pot also but I prefer the cloth pots but you can and. Have grown in plastic
You’ll need a bigger pot to prevent her from becoming root bound
Which is why I prefer the cloth pots you can get 5 five gallon soft pots on Amazon for under 30$ FYI
She looks healthy
How far away are your lights @Nickrivard420
@Myfriendis410 here it is bro


About 2 ft awa from light, i went and listened to my buddy i realy wish i didnt. By the time i saw this it was already to late i will post a pic after work of what she look like now…


Ok :ok_hand: @Nickrivard420 sorry I didn’t see it earlier
I work and get up at 230am so I’m down early in the evening
You had it tied down right ? Doing LST ?
I wouldn’t worry
But tag me when you post later so I am notified


I’m with @Countryboyjvd1971 John: but get that light closer to reduce stretching. The fabric pots are a great idea, and DON’T use Miracle Grow potting soil!


Good point on light @Myfriendis410
Just be careful of the heat don’t get to close
If you hold your hand abouve plant and it burns your to close with that light FYI @Nickrivard420


All good and yes i am. Thank you!!!


I posted in other thread, and not sure if you’ve seen. Is there any chance you have hps bulb in there, and not mh?


@dbrn32 good call


Sog the clone for sure.