What should i do with big leaves

Hello friends. Again I’m bothering you. It’s 24 day of my WW autoflowering plant. It has very big leaves. Should i cut some of them or she’ll do everything itself? And she is close to the led light can it be problem for her? Thank you


@Nodriges If it was mine I would just let it do it’s thing I would just feed and water light if it a auto 12/12 lights is the way to go she will Yield a little more then if you use 18/6 or 16/8 I’ve had great luck with that light Schedule with the autos she looks healthy just let her grow the big fan leafs Will eventually start turning yellow and using that energy to put into the flowers once they turn yellow you can usually just pop them right off or let them fall off and FYI your not bothering no matter me my friend


That’s your sugar production so really it’s best to let them do their thing. Especially with autos. Your plant looks happy and healthy and you appear to be growing a gorgeous plant. If you are worried, try tucking them out of the way.


You got it @Myfriendis410 sugar is good :wink:

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Thank you friends for advice👍

This is my friends autoflowering northern light day 22. Does it look healthy? Thanks


She looks happy but thirsty

Hows she doing @Nodriges

Thanks for attention, it’s 8 week for her. Still not flowering :slightly_frowning_face: maybe she has problem with nutrients in veg stage, or she’s not auto strain at all. How do you think? Thanks

This is my second plant as seedbank sell it she’s auto mazar. Maybe she will do it faster. I am not giving her many nutrients. I gave her twice,

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What’s your light schedule I would put it under 12/12 they don’t look like autos and may end up needing bigger pots

These 3 days i give her 12/12 light shedule. How u think second small one may she be autoflowering? She’s growing quickly i think then regular strains. She’s 27 days old

I’m pretty sure they are not autos they look like fems Which means you’ll just get a lot more but if there under 12 you should be good

Thanks for advices. I will give her (small one) for example 20/4 light shedule for a month and after I’ll give her 12/12 am i right? And for big one 12/12

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Do 18/6 on smaller one they will love you for it extra 2 hrs of sleep makes a big difference

Thanks for your time and advices. You have lot experience and share with beginners. Thanks

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Any help you need just hit me up will be more then happy to help

Thank you friend👍