What should i do to this clone


My buddy thinks i should burry it down 6 inchs them top it right away. Im using a metal halide balb 600 watt and tips advice ???

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Sorry im new to this site lol im sure u can tell


You sure that’s a mh bulb and not hps? 1. It looks awfully yellow compared to the mh bulbs I used in the past. 2. Hps would explain the stretch.


@dbrn32 sorry i had to wait 12 hours to be able to reply. It is a mh bulb!

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Any chance it’s some sort of enhanced spectrum? Every mh bulb I’ve used has put off a bluish white light. Lights usually look yellow when they produce more red wavelengths, and the red wavelengths are what cause vegging plants to stretch like that.

Here’s a pic I found online that shows hps next to mh. From the the one you provided, it resembles more of an hps looking light spectrum. You can disregard if you’re 100% sure you have the correct bulb in there. I’m just putting 2+2 together, yellowish light source and stretching plant. Your height seems reasonable, so I’m not sure what else it could be.


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I always preferred the colder temps in mh, but that one should do. Sorry, not really sure why she’s behaving that way then.

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Light distance? with a 400w MH you can keep light 10-18" away closer if temps are good it would help reduce stretch


@Donaldj ??? 20171014_114814


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Ok so you are nearly 24" above clone and off to the side with a shaded hood 400w HID has 3’x3’ foot print your plant is both too far below and away from it. The cups I am guessing have seedlings so don’t need as direct of light yet

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@Donaldj than ks for your help man its my first time growing, u have a really good eye i measured it and it was exactly 24 inchs, u think i should bring it up another foot or ?? Im worried about the heat from the metal halide bulb, the leaaves are already starting to curl up ? Could that be from to much heat ? And what should i do with my seedlings ?? Tjey seem to look good to me. What do u think ??? 20171013_173404

Your leaves in top pic of plant look to be reaching for light not so much curling so raising plant some would help or at the least putting it more directly under light. Let me explain the bulb is curved and in essence has 2 weak spots in it’s light output these would be the ends of bulb :wink: shades are designed to redirect the light down but unless using parabolic shade the closed ends of shade further narrow it’s footprint. Keep in mind what seems like good light to our eyes can be Shite to a plant changing the orientation of your light so it’s end faces door if an option will give you better use of footprint. Look at shadows on the wall in picture they show you 3 different zones of light centre most intense edge less then reflected :wink: changing orientation even if at an angle to door would spread best spectrum further. Better yet reference picture

the brightest spot you see is where ideally plant should be in range of with light 10-16" above

@Donaldj better?? I brought it up 3 inchs gotta find something els to put under it lolol

Did you see in the picture the concept I was trying to explain? if so you have a better understanding than some on how to adjust lighting for optimum in your space by looking at shadows light creates :wink: That is an old school trick which few think to mention but do without thinking about it

Ya i moved it over a good foot just worried about my seedlimgz now