What should I do to help?

I have 2 Colorado cookies by Dutch passion they are on day 53 from seed, grower says roughly 70 days sees to harvest but I’m thinking a tiny bit longer. The buds still seem quiet small in my opinion. This is my first grow, I have been using GEneral hydroponics nutes. I have been feeding 3ML Cal Mag, 4ML Micro, 8ML Bloom ph to roughly 5.9-6.2 I am growing in coco 5gal pots. I haven’t had to many issues but the last feeding 4days ago I notice one of the plants appeared pretty dark green a few “rust like” spots and some burning on the edges. I will attach a few pics. I did straight PH water today to 6.1 and my run off is looking decent numbers aren’t high at all ph was spot on as well. Just curious if I should dial back on some of the dosage of nutes? Or what I can do to keep them under control. Any advice is appreciated