What should I do pull it?

Found this in my tent today should I pull it ? Also in my grow closet found this I dnt see bugs what kind of deficiency do you guys think ?

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Leaves prob not much to worry about, the balls on the first pic, sorry to say, you already know. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


I think I mixed up my water I made it complicated I got plants with different soil and different nutes and haha yeah I’m like ahh gotta fine a place to let it finish it’s flower cycle

Keep inspecting! They look like little balls. I would definitely get it moved away from others! Myself, I’d show it the trash can. Unless you want seeds. 1 male can spread so much pollen, you’ll have a major clean up to do! Pollen will get on everything, and even pollinate the next grow if a complete and apprehensive wash down isn’t done between grows.
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Get some good dirt!!

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Can I cut the section of the branch off or no?

Not good enough you’d have to give it a full up and down inspection every 4 days in case more popped up and if you miss even one half your crop may be seeded