What should I do? My plants have Fungus

A question from a fellow grower:

I have 13 girls outside in the backyard in my shed. I saw a fungus on two of my plants so that made me put a fan in my shed. the temperatures could be below 40 at night. how do you think the girls will do?
and what should I do?

Better rig up some heat. They will not survive long under those conditions. In the shed, does not give me much to go on in order to make further suggestions

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It is probably a dampness/humidity issue. You have to better prepare yourself before getting into a grow in a cold damp shed in the Winter. Without heat these plants have little chance of surviving, Sorry to say. Invest in some insulation or poly to double layer the shed, and of course get a small radiant heater. I recommend the type that are oil filled and resemble an old boiler/steam heater.

With Cannabis being so expensive; It is worth investing in whatever is needed to be successful; Or; Don’t grow. Especially in the Winter.

Peace, lw