What should I do if anything. Big bush

Today marks 4 weeks since sprout, my plant is 5” tall and extremely bushy my light is 24” above her. I have 8 shoots (branches) coming off the main stem including where I topped her. Iasked the question last week about pruning. Just looking for advice, should I switch to flower? Prune, or just let it be. First timer here and I’m not looking to get a lot out of her just trying out my green thumb this go round. Again on 5 inches tall
Thank you.

What is the strain and type? (autoflower or photoperiod)

I’m fairly new here, so others will provide good input. That being said, how big is your pot? It looks fairly small, and also I wonder if your light should be lowered a bit. But, wait for others’ input before taking actions on those, LOL.

All I I know it’s a feminized seed snd not auto… The pot is 2.5 gallon. Suggestions when I posted last week about how short it was was to raise the light so I went from 18 to 24 inches and no results over a week it just keeps getting bushier and bushier. Look very health tho


It does look healthy indeed.
What light are you using ?

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Mars hydro TS 600w

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@Enjoy13760 You’ll be good at 24 in but you can lower it a little bit at a time to get to your recommended light height.

From Mars hydro.
On your ts600
Recommended Hanging Distance : Seedling: 24"-30", Veg: 18"-24", Flower: 12"-18". Recommended Lighting Time: Veg: 18/6 or 20/4h (on/off), Flower: 12/12h(on/off). The light is not water-proof, so do not use it under water environment.

An indica or indica leaning hybrid will tend to grow shorter with nodes closer together than a sativa will.
I wouldn’t worry too much. When you switch to flower it’ll stretch quite a bit.
I’ve had some autos push almost 2 in a day during early flower.

At 4 weeks from seed I wouldn’t take any leaves just yet.
Tuck them if you can. If they’re blocking a few tops then I might take 1 or 2 just to open that area.



Is it normal for a plant to grow leaves with 5 and seven fingers. My plant through out the whole thing some have 5 some have 7. Last week shoots had 5 this week some are 7. Just curious.

It’s a little too early to really do anything once you’re about 1 week before flip lollipop/ defoliate it and I it’ll grow great

I would be jumping up and down with joy if I had a plant like that. Don’t put it into flower yet!!!

i have had some that were just as bushy. they turned out very nice with very nice yields. so, definately nothing to worry about.

That said, this looks like a great opportunity to try your hand at some LST. She is still a wee bit small, so, moving the light up a bit may give you some more space. once you get that, you can start to bend the branches away from each other to encourage some space. if you keep them that way for the next 3-4 weeks you may see much more spread as she starts to grow.

The other benefit of the LST is that pulling them down and out like that will again increase the distance to the light and maybe encourage the ends to start reaching.

Looking great so far, you obviously have several pieces of the puzzle working for now :wink:

and i concur… def NOT ready for flower. you got some growing to do.

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I was just using my magnifier on my phone and I noticed this is this the pre-flower