What should I do? I have to harvest at day 53 of flower

Can someone help me? I have a Blue Cheese (fast flowering?) plant. This is my first grow. I have to leave on day 53 of flower, regardless of Trichome development. My question is - If 50% of the trichomes are cloudy, would it be better to harvest that day, or give them say, 6 hours of light a day, without water, and just let them die of thirst. I will be returning 10 days later. The 2 pics are from day 23. Sorry, if this was a stupid question.

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Is it possible for you to set up a watering system in a timer?


It won’t go10 days without water, and harvesting ain’t going to do you any good, it probably won’t get you high. You’ll either have to get a plant sitter, or water the hell out of it, and hope for the best. I guess you could try those self watering things you fill with water and push into the soil. Maybe better than nothing.

Thanks, I didn’t know that there are ways to automatically feed water to plants. I could flush the plant before I leave, and collect runoff in a large saucer. Also, I can use 4 or 5 Wick cords in a 3 gallon elevated container. That could carry me to day 67. The trichomes may then ripen past optimum harvest day. I’ll try it and report back to ya’ll when I return.

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Here’s what I was thinking about, but I don’t know. Sounds like you’ve got ideas.

Thanks for your input. I have decided to buy a 3 gallon bucket and several 1/4" Wick cords. Place the bucket considerably higher than the soil, and hope for the best. I may also set the light cycle to 13 hours off, 11 on, to try to then slow the ripening process. If it stays alive, I will have a plant that is in day 64 of flower. The trichomes may all be brown, but this first grow has been a great learning experience for me.

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When do you leave?

You sir need an autopot system, I can leave for 2 weeks without worry and do it all the time.

10 days is a long time…
If you can buy a flood tray, grow shops have them, or whatever you can find a really big bucket the wider the better.
Water your plant and then fill up the tray/bucket/kiddy pool whatever it is so that there are 3 inches of water at least covering the pot. This way the plant can bottom feed since its already pretty set in that pot and roots are at the bottom.

Heck I would clean and then flood the bottom. Of your grow tent actually. It’s built to be water proof and it has about a 4inch lip on it maybe more. I’ve flooded mine 3 times before by accident.

Yup that’s your best bet flood the grow tent tray with water.

DO IT! and you night just have a chance… Might.