What should I be doing now


A question from a fellow grower;

I just don’t have the cash to buy good light bulbs.
I have three plants in a 3’x2’ tent. I have three CFL bulbs that say they are 100w on the package but then on the bulb they say just 23 w. The first set of bulbs 5700 k so I just switched them to these 2700k ones. Much yellower light.
I planted 6 seeds originally. Three on Dec 23 2015, with no light but a table lamp, and then 3 more ON Jan 23,2016 in the tent with the CFL lights. Three plants have shown to be males. So I’m down to three plants and three bulbs. One plant I accidentally broke the main stem (long story) but it looks OK even though I lost the top half of the plant. The second on was the runt and is way smaller tham the other two. The third is good.
So it’s been over 90 days since I started these and they are juts now starting to show a small bud on the top of the main stems.
What should I be doing now? If I get adapters I can put all 6 bulbs in the tent.
Any info is appreciated. Pics attached.


I have been using CFL growing 2 plants I have two lights on each plant one daylight CFL and one more of a yellow glow CFL. I plan to use these lights till harvest


Thanks for replying. How long has it been since you planted them? And what wattage / lumen / kelvin are the bulbs? Are you growing in a tent?


More light may produce tighter buds if you can manage the heat and increased need for fresh air(co2) and food.


Look into switching to LED bulbs for at least half of your outlets. Your grow may look like it’s in daylight but my guess is that it’s deficient in the blue and red ranges that control growth and flowering. The bulbs are relatively cheap on Amazon and don’t produce any heat either.